I’ll blame it on the pocketbook …

Now I know this does not sound very “teachery” … but I showed up for a meeting at a school yesterday without any paper …

I am a notetaker … and quite proud of it. I enjoy my beautiful, colorful, and/or interesting notebooks and fun pens (you should see my desk …. I have one of the Pampered Chef Tool Turn-About full of pens …different colors, styles, tips, widths and when at conferences I like to collect pens). You never know what you are going to need …

I take notes, and even if I never look back at them again, the process of writing things down helps me remember things better. That is something that I has worked for me throughout high school, college, and in work (we are not counting the meeting I missed this week). I don’t know what it is, but typing notes just does not have the same effect.

So Friday morning, I went to an elementary school to sit on a planning meeting to offer instructional technology resources. I like to take notes on what they are planning to do in the future so I can look for resources to send later. I also like to jot down ideas I have while they are talking so I will remember what to share (my memory is not very good at times).

I was in the parking lot when I realized that I did not have my bag with my laptop (no wireless yet at that school so I don’t normally bring the machine but my notebooks are in the bag). At this point I was not concerned because I normally carry a large stylish purse (Steven W. Anderson picks on that fact almost daily), so I was sure I would have my small notebook in my bag.

Then I remembered that I changed to a smaller black purse that morning …

What's In My Bag? [Work]No notebook or paper of any size in my black purse that day.

I even searched my trunk since at times I have some donated school supplies in there to take to schools. No supplies …. husband made me clean out the trunk.

I was going into an elementary school, so surely I could find a piece of paper to use.

I went in the building and to the meeting room. All of the legal pads that are normally on the table seemed to have grown legs and walked away.

That was when I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I work in technology. I pulled out my tablet and (somewhat reluctantly) opened colornote so I could hopefully jot down ideas. I used what I had and it worked for me … kinda.

I know I need a better alternative. I have seen and heard all these good things about evernote. I bookmarked a livebinder on it the other day and know that Steven has great resources. I even talked to another coworker, Marty about it other day, so I am taking the plunge ….

I am going to try to start learning and using evernote

If you have any resources or suggestions, please send them my way. If there is something that has worked for you other than evernote that I should try, please send that my way too ….

Here we go ….

(Now it is written on my blog so I need to do it …. if you see me, ask me how it is going … you can even send me a message on twitter to hold me accountable …. I am not sure why it seems like such a big hurdle for me to overcome … since I search all the time for new things to try to use in the classroom. Maybe that is the difference …. I am willing to try stuff for the classroom that could be beneficial for students and teachers but a little weary of trying things out that would mean I have to do something different personally … hmmmmm)

image source (not my purse)

9 thoughts on “I’ll blame it on the pocketbook …

  1. MrsKradz, I like the idea of using it for notes to myself.Lisa, thanks for sharing how you use Evernote. I had not even thought about putting it on my Synbaloo page (great idea). Thank you both!

  2. I use Evernote for just about everything now. Just got back from a conference where I took notes, audiotaped the keynote, took images of the slides on the board and Evernote syncs it all in one place for me to return. Use it to capture student work and take notes for teaching later; meeting minutes in places with wireless and without. All my devices have it now (pc, laptop, ipod touch, ipad2 – all get synced). Wish there was a realtime collaborative option (like google docs) -then it would be perfect!

  3. I LOVE Evernote! I attend many meetings, so I use it for notetaking. I have also used to for teacher/student observation notes. If I don't want to miss what is being said, I hit the record button while taking notes and I can go back to listen – I also used it when I went to #Educon. I took a picture using my iPad, recorded the session, and took notes. That way I remember the speaker too.

  4. I'm with you — I have to physically write things on paper for it to stick in my brain. As much as I wish this wasn't the case, typing just doesn't have the same effect when I'm trying to retain material! 😦 One note-taking app I've used in a pinch, however, is Sundry Notes. It was a free download on my iPhone, but I think there's an option for a paid version. You can add text, pictures, videos, etc. to note pages, and then you can save them as .pdf files and e-mail them to yourself. Once you get the hang of it, it works pretty well. I've heard of Evernote, but haven't taken the plunge to try it, so I may just have to do that after I submit this comment. πŸ™‚

  5. Mrs. K … I am glad to know that I am not alone in feeling like writing things down has an impact on my remembering those things. Steven Anderson wrote a blog post today about how evernote changed things for him http://blog.web20classroom.org/2012/02/how-things-changed-with-evernote.htmlSeveral people have mentioned to me on twitter how they use evernote. Good luck if you decide to take the plunge …. maybe those of us taking the plunge should form a support group πŸ™‚

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