Branching Out …

So this might be a bit of an unusual blog post for me, but I am a little bit proud of myself  (in a somewhat unusual way) …

This may come as a surprise to some, but I really enjoy college basketball … especially ACC College Basketball (I could blame that on my father ~ Wake Forest Alum and my husband ~ NC State Alum, but I don’t). This past weekend, my husband attended the NCSU vs. Florida State game. Although it was a pretty sorry game for NCSU, something quite interesting happened towards the end of the game …. but not out on the court.

Two fans, who happened to be alumni and former players, were ejected from the stands. I watching the game on TV while working on some graduate school work. I saw the ejection happen, but was not sure what was going on. I quickly sent my husband a text message (knowing he probably wouldn’t respond) to see what they had done to deserve that.
Since I still had questions, I decided to get online to see what I could find. The normal places to look would be sports websites, but since the event had just occurred, I thought I might be able to find more information on twitter.
I use twitter daily but with a focus … education and instructional technology. I have self-imposed limits on who and what I follow on twitter, so I don’t follow stars and athletes which could make finding sports information on twitter difficult.  But I do know how to search (I have learned a few things about how to use twitter to find what I am looking for) …
So I started my twitter search looking for a keyword … ncsu … which led to various people tweeting from the game (and asking many of the same questions I had). I saw where someone asked RnR_ncsu a question about what had happened, so after looking at their profile (it was a good things they had an informative description there), I went to their twitter account page to see if they had anything to share on the situation. Evidently they host a podcast on Monday nights, so their response was that you would have to wait until their show. 
As I looked at the tweets they had sent earlier , I saw tweets sent by Julius Hodge (@Follow24Hodge) another former Wolfpack player. So I went to look at his account, Hodge’s tweets made me laugh, especially the one about not sitting very far from David Thompson and wanting his autograph (David Thompson is another former Wolfpack player …. I know some NCSU history, and his jersey/autograph are hanging in my house as well as a book about him).  
I enjoy watching college basketball games, but I think that day social media made it a little more fun.
I also enjoy exploring and finding information …. I think I like the search process and finding different ways to get information.
I feel like I used some of things I have learned about ways to search on twitter for instructional resources to help me use twitter in a way that I do not normally use it.
I have gone back to my focused use of twitter, but it is nice to see to branch out every once in awhile ….
(NCSU does play UNC tomorrow night …. so we’ll see what happens ….)


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