OLW Reflection for February

Mr. Think #6At the beginning of the year, there was some talk about what was going to your word for the year …. I even wrote a blog post about it! In the comments to that blog post …. I shared that I thought my One Little Word would be thinking for this year.

In January, I wrote a blog post describing my thinking about actions to take.

This past month, my thoughts have been everywhere with so many things going on, so I think I want to reflect on thinking this month . . . 

  • What does it mean to think
  • Is thinking just the random ideas that pop into my mind?
  • Or is it the connections I make with specific ideas that promote further action and ideas?
  • Does it need to be quiet for thinking to take place?
  • Does hearing other sounds and ideas promote even more thinking
  • Does thinking have to happen in your head?
  • Can thinking happen on paper?
  • Does thinking happen in color?
  • Does thinking happen in black and white?
  • Does thinking happen in words?
  • Does thinking happen in the formation of images?
  • How does discussion with others fit in to thinking?
  • I know that I like to talk through my thoughts to be able to effectively express the ideas forming in my head, so for me talking helps my thinking …. I think ….

I guess all the above questions look at thinking as a verb …

But there are also ways thinking can be considered a noun …

What do you think?

What have you been thinking about this month?


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