Looking at a monthly theme with a focus …

Moving DayIn March, one of the themes is Women’s History Month. I came across this while looking at Thinkfinity today:

The theme for the 2012 Women’s History Month is Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment. This month-long event celebrates the fight against cultural and historical prejudices that traditionally created the gender gap in schools, institutes of higher education, and professions. Thinkfinity and its Content Partners have a variety of lessons and resources that showcase the contributions of women to our society and culture.

Here are a few of the resources shared on Women’s History Month page:

Who Was the Most Famous Female Aviator?
View a video about aviation and find out more about Amelia Earhart with this Wonder Of the Day. Then try one of the follow-up activities to explore the topic in more depth. (from Wonderopolis)

Great Women of Our Pasts
Consider the sacrifices made and obstacles overcome by women who shaped our past from 1754 to the present. Review a list of featured books on this topic and learn how a genealogical study can provide valuable insights into the people and events in your family’s past

Females in the Spotlight: Strong Characters in Picture Books
Identify the character traits demonstrated by strong female protagonists in several books, and use the online Character Trading Cards tool to create and share your own trading card.

Young Women in Science: Forging New Pathways
This booklet, designed to inspire young people to consider science as a career, provides a glimpse into the lives of young female scientists from a variety of backgrounds.

Analyzing Character Development in Three Short Stories About Women
Compare the women characters in stories written in different historical times to analyze the effects of gender differences and society’s expectations on the role of women.

Taking Control of Their Lives
Follow the stories of two women from different countries and different generations who improved their literacy skills and became involved in an important health empowerment project that had a personal impact on their own lives  


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