A Series, A Journey, and The End Result

I have heard people talk about how they enjoyed writing (and reading) a blog post series. I have attempted to write one or two series in the past but in some ways it felt both forced and constrained. I think that may have to do with my expectations from the beginning about how the series should go and how many posts should be included.
This past week I started a series of blog posts on my WonderFamilyEdwards blog with no expectations of how many posts would be involved or even how it all would end …. and I LOVED it! My daughter is in Kindergarten, and as a family project, we designed and built a Leprechaun Trap. Instead of retelling the whole story, I will provide links to the posts.

Words are not the only way to tell stories. I have always enjoyed taking pictures but had gone away from that in the last year or so. One of the sessions I recently attended at a recent conference propelled me back into that full force. That is my way of saying there are LOTS of pictures in this series of blog posts, but I think the pictures really help tell the story. I took notice of how I composed pictures to create a focus on certain parts of the pictures. I tried to explore different angles and settings …. those elements can change a photograph just like they can change a story.

I do enjoy telling a good story, which the series of blog posts allowed me to do. I did not feel like I had to fit everything in one post. I could use posts to create reader anticipation for the next post. I could elaborate on some parts and share the experiences the pictures can’t express. I started referring to my continued posts as the next installment in the story when I shared links on twitter and facebook.
I have kept journals and enjoyed creating scrapbooks in the past (and have quite a large collection of beautiful paper to show for it). That is something that I could do with this project, but then the stories and the pictures would be kept inside our house for the most part. By sharing our family project as a journey and allowing people to go on that adventure with us using a blog, twitter, and facebook, this family project became more social. 
People would tell my family as well as send me messages that they could not wait to see what we did next and how the project eventually turned out. I don’t think I would have gotten the same type of response if I had just written one post after we were done with the project sharing the end result. 
The journey and process are at times more interesting and engaging than the end result … I wonder how many other things are like that we ignore each day …

These are pictures from when Madalyn took the project to school. I am glad her teacher helped me share in that part also.


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