Memories and Connections with Quilts?

Quilts have a special place in my heart. There are several quilts in my house. My grandmother made a wedding ring quilt for me when I got married using various fabrics I recognized from her home throughout the years.

One of the things I noticed when I looked at Anita Silvey‘s Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac today was the box in the sidebar that lists things about that particular day …. author birthdays, important events in books, and special dates the may go unnoticed. (I have a link to her site on the side of my blog …. she features a different children’s book each day). One of the events I noticed today was that it is National Quilting Day!
Anita Silvey lists some great book that go along with quilts:
I shared about today being National Quilting Day on twitter from my Wonderopolis Lead Wonder account. I also shared a past wonder related to quilting:
Lisa Fitzpatrick (@LBFitz3) has wonderful quotes to share each day related to the Wonder-of-the-Day from Wonderopolis, so today she even had the title of a great quilt book title to share:
When I thanked her, I offered a suggestion of another book:
She responded back with another book title: 
Mrs.K.Stephen (@EurekaTeacher) also shared my tweet about National Quilting Day and then added how much she enjoys the way quilting combines art and math!
A search on Thinkfinity for the “quilts” reveals ways art, math, literature, and history are fused together:
Time for me to find a quilt to snuggle under ….
What memories and connections do you have with quilts and quilt stories?

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