Reflections …

Picture I took in downtown Raleigh, NC

While looking through some files and things I have created in graduate school, I came across a reflection of learning that I did using Magnoto:

In this reflection, I point out how I didn’t really learn a new tool or a new presentation mode, but I did learn more about the reflection process …. so I guess it was a reflection on reflection …

The blog posts I write are reflections of my learning all along the way. I think that blogging plays an important role in my life and learning. Writing and creating allows me to work through all the pieces and attempt to make sense of things in ways that work for me.

The two book that I read for that class are ones I constantly refer to now … In many ways, these area anchor books for me now … Now You See It: How the brain science of attention will transform the way we love, work, and learn by Cathy Davidson and 21st Century Skils: Learning for life in our times by Trilling and Fadel

What are some books that you tend to think of and refer back to regularly?

Do you think your “anchor books” change over time?

Do those change based on experiences you have, things you learn, people you encounter, new things you try as well as well as goals you set and achieve?

Or some combination of all or part of that list?

What do you use to help you make sense of what you learn?


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