What Learning Does the Future Hold for You?

I recently was asked what I felt like I needed to learn next and how I planned to learn that …

I will soon be finished with the classes in my Instructional Technology degree (it is actually called something else but I think that is long and confusing). When I began working on this degree, there was so much that I had no idea of what all I did not know… and now I at least have some idea of what I don’t know …

Do you know where your learning will take you?

There are so many ideas floating through my head about what I feel like I need to learn next that I have a hard time narrowing them down. On the way to take one of my final tests the other morning, I thought about how someone recently told me not to worry too much about that test because that meant the end was in sight.

I am not sure I really feel that way. It may be the end of the program, but through all the things I have experienced, seen, and learned in the program, I see so many more opportunities for more learning.

I have been taking graduate classes since Spring Semester 2004 off and on (actually there is only about 3 semesters since then that I have not been involved in some type of graduate program). So once I graduate, I will have a masters in reading education, graduate classes in gifted education, and this masters degree … but I still want to learn more …. just maybe in a different way …
I have really enjoyed all of the classes and learning experiences, but perhaps it is time for me to do some more learning on my own rather than being in graduate programs (for now anyway … I know my husband will be glad to hear that …. ).
I do a great deal of learning each day from my PLN, on twitter, and from reading blogs. I think I need to pick a specific focus for learning and stay with that for a month or so or until I decide to select a new focus … or maybe not.

Even though I am one who really likes having a plan and working toward a goal, maybe I need to just let go and see what happens next …

Who knows what direction my learning path will go …


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